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35th Indiana Civilian Re-enactors

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Founded in the Fall of 1998, the 35th Indiana ladies were just a couple of women with the passion to teach to the public the role women played in the American Civil War.  Now, 7 years later, the 35th Civilians have more than a dozen ladies who work together to teach and demonstrate many of the techniques used by the ladies of the 19th Century.  Still, our main focus hasn't changed.  We continue to teach young children and adults about the life of the Civil War civilian.

When spectator hours are over, you can hear the sounds of music playing traditional Irish songs.  You can hear the laughs and discussion of the past day as well as hear the teaching of history.  We encourage our members to pick up a hobby within the group.  Some members sew or do quilting.  Others are working on other items they love to do, such as cook, draw or helping others in camp.

If this sounds fun and interesting, please consider membership with the 35th Indiana civilians.

The 35th Indiana ladies are a non-political, Not for Profit organization with affiliation’s with the 35th Indiana re-enactors, Indiana Brigade and Great Lakes Brigade.  

We are based in East Central Indiana with members as far away as Lexington, KY. If you have family members who are also interested in this hobby, we would suggest they contact our military commander at

Our Motto is: Serve, honor and teach so they will never be forgotten.

Welcome to the home of the 35th Indiana Civilian Re-enactors. We are a group of living historians based in Central Indiana with ties to the 35th Indiana Infantry "1st Irish" re-enactors.